there's a few reasons actually. i love my domain to bits but it makes more sense to me to migrate over to neocities once my time here expires.
1. Cost. my current hosting is actually surprisingly expensive. i got the site and hosting and everything under a "first time user" discount, which made things absurdly cheap (at first). this domain only cost me 2 dollars for 2 years(!!!!) but, once my two years are up, it goes to something like 30$+ dollars a year for the domain alone. i cannot for the life of me find the exact price. and then my host will jump up to about 35$ per year. that also doesn't include https, which is a pretty large uptick. i think it was another 20$ a year? i cannot remember tho. you'll notice that's why my site is only http. so all of that together is quite a bit more expensive than a premium neocities site, AND i get more than double the storage with a neocities premium site. this is all assuming i even need a premium site, because right now my entire site uses less than 10% of the GB neocities free offers.
2. Community. i. love. the neocities community. i love surfing through new websites. i love reading everyone's about pages and seeing their shrines and all the cool things they're working on. i love seeing who people have linked to and going link diving. i love all of it. and i don't really wanna be a spectator anymore if that makes sense.
3. Support. i just plan wanna support neocities! i know i mentioned earlier that i probably won't even need the premium membership, but chances are i'll get it anyway because i want to support them! or i'll just donate. either way i want more traffic to them. i want them to continue to succeed. i believe in their mission 100%.
and that's really all there is to it! don't worry i'm not gonna stop updating THIS site anymore or anything. in fact this one's more likely to get updates first. but that's all i have to say :) this site will still be accessible for a good bit before i lose the domain, so nothing to worry about now!

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