hi so my name is sharpie. i've never been a very popular person per say. things such as anxiety disorders, adhd, and being on the spectrum, has made me "one of those weird kids" almost all of my life. i've had issues recognizing jokes, how other people are feeling and thinking, and knowing when to shut my yap lmao. so because of that, i've always been left to myself, to work on whatever it is i'm interested in. and the internet has been an amazing place to find other people who share my interests and enthusiasm for what we do :)

i've been on the internet for a vast majority of my life. my first exposure was going on old flash game websites when i finished all my work in computer class during 2nd-3rd grades and begging my parents to buy me a webkinz. but the first encounters with other People online was with flipnote hatena through the years 2012-2013. there i made low quality, crudely drawn pokemon amvs, stick figure fights, and roleplayed A LOT in the comments of an MLP RP flipnote. after hatena shut down, i moved to scratch and deviantart, and around this time i got my first ever computer of my own (a chromebook) and then i really learned what all this computer stuff was about.
during 2014, i did pretty much the same thing i did on flipnote, made crudely drawn pokemon amvs, except this time in full color. i convinced my dad to help me install linux on my chromebook so i could play steam games, and that taught me how to actually navigate around a computer. during this time i learned how to use GIMP, and i got a mouse so i wouldn't have to draw with a trackpad anymore (and using a mouse is still how i prefer to draw on a computer half of the time).
while using scratch and deviantart, i really started making characters i would cal my own. they were all fan characters of things i was obsessed with at the time (pokemon and warrior cats) but before then it was just "i want to draw a pikachu. this is a pikachu." instead of "this is MY pikachu and his name is this that or the other". this was also the first time i really had a "fursona", and i would make fursonas for all of my friends so i could draw us all interacting and having fun in the fictional worlds i loved.
come 2015 my best friends online badger and kitsu began rping with characters made to fit into the world badger had created called "guardians of the dragons". this is when i started my anime phase, and yeah, it was *that* anime phase. this is when i started making characters that were completely their own thing. because of this, 2016 i started making characters left and right, and most of the characters i use today came from this time. although, at the same time and extending through 2017, i started falling for the "cringe culture" trap. i was adamantly "anti-mary sue anti-sparkle dog". not a time i look back fondly on. not proud of 2016-2017 me. bad me. thankfully, i realized how toxic of a thought process is over the course of 2018, and i've far outgrown that phase and can identify how damaging that sort of mindset is towards creative endevours.

games and other artists were also greatly influencial to me. i already mentioned pokemon, which is probably the media that has had the greatest impact on me period. games i love (taiko no tatsujin, jet set radio, puyo puyo, splatoon) and early 2000s cartoons (danny phantom, fairly oddparents, my life as a teenage robot, dexter's lab, invader zim) were my crack, and my style was shaped by them.
music wise, i grew up listening to nine inch nails, the prodigy, radiohead, pink floyd, and emma essex (lapfox trax at the time), making my music taste electronic/rock centric. essex's work is so important and inspirational to me, that it's the entire reason this site exists.

so that's pretty much all i got. it seems like a little too much imo but it's my website your fault for reading all of it i guess lol. you're free to contact me if you'd like, but please know that i'm not the best at keeping up conversation. i'm sorry! thank you for taking the time to read all of this. ily.